Hi all! We haven’t made a public update in a while, and there’s a reason for that, so hang tight and let’s get some news out of the way.

Game Status

For the better part of the last couple months, 99% of the work has been a combination of organization and writing, with some code streamlining and cleanup. Since all of this is behind-the-scenes internal work, there is nothing to showcase. So while we might be quiet here and on social media, that doesn’t mean we’re not working on the visual novel.

Going forward, the vast majority of work will still be writing. As we don’t want to spoil story material, as mentioned, there is little to nothing to share.

New Writers

Unfortunately, if you haven’t heard a response from us since the last time we posted the writing recruitment update, then you weren’t selected. It’s an arduous auditioning process that less than 3 percent have passed to date (out of the hundred plus submissions we received so far).

However, we are still open to new applications. If you’re reading this and have been on the fence about auditioning, we encourage you to do so (unless you’re afraid of critique, in which case you should probably start getting used to it or reconsider the creative path). It’s good writing practice and get the creative juices flowing. At the very least, you’ll learn something new about your personal style and how you think.

Future Versions

We will not be releasing an updated version anytime soon. By that we mean there is absolutely no set date on a next update. No estimation. Nothing. So please do not ask us about releases. Any time we see a question regarding releases or updates, it will be completely ignored without an inkling of a second thought. Don’t bother; you’re literally wasting your own time.

You are free to ask us other questions (though we cannot guarantee any answers). We advise posting in our dedicated discussion forum from now on as it’s easier for us—and everyone else—to keep track of content that way.

Useful Information

Some newcomers who have just discovered this project may not know some of the game’s details. So if you’re in that boat (or if you just happened to forget or miss them entirely), here are some links to visit:

Developer Interview with PokéCommunity (May 2016)
Ask Me Almost Anything: March 2016
Ask Me Almost Anything: February 2016
Ask Me Almost Anything: January 2016

That’s it for now. As always, thank you for your continued patience and support!

Pokémon Academy Life demo v1.0.2c is live and available for download via Game Jolt and Mediafire.

IMPORTANT: For those with v1.0.1c or older versions:
For those who have previous demo versions installed, you must start over from the beginning of the game in order to play this demo in full. Many internal variables were changed, added or removed, impacting many parts of the game. If you attempt to load an old save file, it is highly likely you will encounter bugs or your game will crash.

If you spot any bugs or game-breaking glitches, report it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your assistance is much appreciated!


- Addressed some dialogue inconsistencies, mostly with Bianca.
- Addressed a bug involving Gardenia's introduction in the Grass-type elective.
- Fixed some grammar mistakes and typos.

- Characters that interrupt you in the middle of dialogue will no longer interrupt. Our original intent was to make conversations more realistic, like you're literally getting cut off by someone else. We decided to change this because some people are naturally slower readers, or they might be multitasking. We considered extending the wait timer before the interruption, but that won't solve all issues. As a result, we completely removed the interruptions.

You may discuss these changes in the corresponding forum thread.

Previous 1.0.2 version notes:


- Addressed an oversight for the Normal-type class that caused an entire block of dialogue to skip if you select Cheren as a roommate.
- Fixed some grammar mistakes and typos.

- Removed the choice to continue or return to the map during free exploration. We made this change for two reasons: the first is that we realized very, very few people opted to return to the map after making their decision. The second is in preparation for other character dialogue in the future. Making it a one-shot decision makes our future coding lives easier.


- Addressed an *'UnboundLocalError'* error that may occur when selecting Fire as your second type elective.
- Adjusted the positions of a few character sprites.
- Addressed some typos.


- Many prologue scenes were rewritten.
- One new scene added to the prologue.
- Several prologue scenes were overhauled or extended.
- Numerous animation transitions fixed; some may still exist.
- Various GUI elements streamlined.
- New scenes that carry on through the first day of classes.
- New characters and CG art implemented.
- Huge number of alternate dialogue paths based on choices.

Welcome to the official Pokémon Academy Life website! This will be the base of operations for the development team from this day forward so make sure to keep an eye out here for any major news and articles.

If you haven't already, register on the discussion forum if you're interested in asking questions, offering suggestions and feedback, reporting bugs you find in the game, or just chatting with other fans and players.

This site is technically still under construction, but it is fully functional as of today.

Enjoy your stay!