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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2018 10:47 pm 
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It seems if you take the psychic elective, you will be trained in telekinesis and telepathy. This brings up an interesting possibility. Will telepathy-driven choices be included in the game? Can I cheat on exams by reading the mind of a smarter student? Can I know exactly the right thing to say to a person by reading their mind? Can I know where to find pokemon, and which ones are available, by doing a mind-sweep of an area? Can I use telekinesis to force that abra to stay still long enough to catch it?

If Red becomes proficient in his latent psychic abilities, it seems like all of these things should be possible. However, that would mean that taking the psychic elective makes the game horribly unbalanced. I'm sure Red would be a good person and not cheat, and not invasive-ly read minds, but using psychic powers for search and catching pokemon seems like abilities that if a trainer has, they would use.

Maybe all of the electives could have a secondary effect. Say, taking grass makes it easier to win gardening related contests that the gardening club hosts. Maybe fighting increases your stamina, and allows you to do 1 extra thing a day. What does everyone think the secondary abilities could be?

Here are my suggestions:

Normal - Lucky - You get more pokeyen after battles

Flying - Eagle Eye - Perception +5

Poison - Walking Pokecenter - You've been poisoned so much, you've gotten really good at curing it. Able to craft antidotes and other curative items in spare time.

Ground - Toph - Able to detect pokemon when not expecting it (when pokemon are underground, when there's one hanging around the dorms, etc)

Rock - Tough - Do not suffer penalties from pulling an all-nighter

Bug - Scientist - Your studious nature makes it more likely to pass exams. One incorrect choice for questions on exams is removed

Ghost - Calm Mind - With all the experience you have with tricky ghost moves, you can't be confused overwhelmed, or flustered. When given a choice, one "bad" choice will not appear

Steel - Full Metal - +5 Dedication

Water - Beautiful - +5 appeal

Grass - Green Thumb - +1 To all gardening related tasks (including flower arrangements)

Electric - Amped! - +5 expression

Psychic - Telepathy - When searching for pokemon, be given a short list of the pokemon that can be encountered, and pick one to encounter

Ice - Let It Go - The cold doesn't bother you anyway. Can participate in one extra outdoor activity in winter

Fire - Some Like It Hot - Can participate in one extra outdoor activity in Summer

Fighting - Stamina - 1 extra action per day

Dragon - Intense - Training gives +x experience

Dark - Bad Egg - Join Team Rocket

Fairy - Friendly - +x chance to catch pokemon. Or, +x additional pokemon happiness (if happiness is a mechanic in this game) per day

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:52 pm 
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Your idea is interesting, but it would be difficult tomake in game. So I don't think they will ever put in.

A French fan of Pokemon Academy Life, wanted to play more this game...
:D ;) 8-) :lol: :P :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:18 pm 
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Would it be really that tricky? With the suggestions above, many could be done with simple if-statements.

#at the end of a trainer battle
pokeyen += trainer.moneyDrop
If "normal" in electives:
         pokeyen += floor(trainer.moneyDrop * 0.5)

Other, obviously terrible suggestions (like joining Team Rocket) would be impossible. I couldn't think of ideas that are both good and easy to implement for all of the electives. I posted this hoping people would come up with their own, better ideas and post it here, but no one did. The problem is that if the game does not address the fact that Red will eventually learn psychic powers (if he takes the elective), but never uses them, it will be a plot hole.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:36 am 

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For Rock i'd have a better idea, there will be probably a gym in academy and if there is stat specifically for fitness, then make that stat bonus increased. I mean... Look at Bruno for god's sake, he is thick as a brick (see what i did there?).

For Ground would be a better idea be able to detect rare pokemon more easily. On regular grassy field :15%. In caves or in the mountain: 25%. Other type of areas remained unchanged.

Psychic would be better as an passive ability to see what choice up's relationship of who. Since you would know what is on their mind.

For Fire type and Ice type would be neat if you had 5% power increase for Fire type and Ice type moves on any pokemon, since both are offensive types.

Dark, increase the bonus of studying when closer to the evening.

And Fairy, bonus points in the relationship for "correct" options.
Again, just a suggestion, nothing more. Also, sorry for bad grammar.

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