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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:18 am 
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So since it seems you going to use core battle mechanic i assume the pokemon we got wont be locked to the 2 type we chose right. I know we got charmander as starter which indicate it isnt locked to it but still wont hurt to ask. after all it will be disastrous on my psychic/ghost playthrough

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:48 pm 
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Charmander will be guaranteed on every playthrough. That's been officially confirmed a looooong time ago.

Not officially stated, but if you follow the art stream, there are Pokemon that are meant to be claimed as elective Pokemon. So we'll see which ones eventually.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:46 pm 
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Hey question I like playing pokemon with a challenge, and I was thinking I would play this game with only pokemon that you are story based, meaning one's you will always catch so I was wondering if the story based obtainable pokemon were enough, meaning is there at least 6 pokemon for a team also, I know this may or may not be spoilers but wondering if this pikachu will evolve cause tbh it will make me feel a bit less inclined to use it.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:36 pm 
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VisualJae wrote:
Development update!
Here's the idea. When you achieve maximum relationship points with another character (male or female; this is unrelated to romance), you have the option to receive a Pokémon that is of the same species as one in their party. For example, you want your own Bulbasaur? Well, some time later in the game, if you manage to achieve max points with Leaf, she'll give you a Bulbasaur egg.

Based on how the game's calendar is expected to be constructed, you won't be able to obtain every single Pokémon the game has to offer, but each playthrough can show you something new if you decide to befriend different characters. This plays into the gameplay of making choices matter; who you talk to, how you interact with them, and all at the same time, how you manage the time to progress the main storyline.[/list]

That said, all of this is a work in progress. Let us know your thoughts!

Just a quick thought on this - maximum points might be a bad idea. Remember what you said about randomness? If it's maximum points, players would have a mad rush to max points out with someone right at the start and then ignore them for the rest of the game - or at least some would. Maybe not max points, but a cutoff at some point? I feel like it would allow the player to more naturally bond with people over the whole three years as opposed to ticking things off a checklist.

Hopefully anything in that paragraph made any sense at all. I'm reading it and can see how awkward it is but I'm honestly not sure how to word it better.


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