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 Post subject: RP Character Creation
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 7:36 am 
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Joined: May 9, 2016
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This is the Official Character Creation Thread for the RP. Place your characters here (Until we all have an idea of the size and scope of the RP. Putting the limit of characters per RP'er at 2). Also feel free to make upperclassmen so the academy is not ALL freshmen.


Region of Birth:
History (Make it Brief, no novels here):
Hall of Residence (Aura, Relic, Pledge):
Homeroom (1A Birch,1B Oak,1C Sycamore ,1D Juniper*):
Elective 1:
Elective 2:
Pokemon Starter***:
Eventual Team:
Personal Song (what do you listen to when writing the character?):

*As a fourth column for homerooms is clearly shown in the demo, I'm simply guessing as to who it might be
**Put OPEN if you have no club in mind at creation
*** Not limiter to starter pokemon as some characters received non-starter pokemon

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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 8:00 am 
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Location: Phoenix

Name: Ryan Aclassi

Nickname: Rye

Age: 16

Region of Birth: Hoenn

Physical Description (Links are okay):

Personality: He is a Serious man who doesn't take Humor well. However Puns can get a laugh out of him, although he will deny it later. Has a long anger fuse that take a while to burn but threatening pokemon or other people will cut that fuse hilariously short. He is relentless and aggressive in his fighting style, often never giving the opponent a chance to think if they are caught of guard. He takes defeats in stride and though he seems cold, truly cares for the pokemon in his possession.

History (Make it Brief, no novels here): Son of the owner of the Aclassi shipping company out of Johto, he was born and raised by his mother, a Hoenn native as his father was always traveling and making contracts. Unlike some in this situation, his work ethic and determination pulled the two closer together to the point where he started traveling with his father and the Pokemon and sailors on the ship. After deciding to train in dark types after an incident in Johto that he refused to tell his father about, He sets of for the Academy with two goals in mind...

Likes: Dark-types, His father, Business, Appropriate Leadership

Dislikes: Fighting-types, Deceit, Abuse of power, people ignoring responsibility


Hall of Residence (Aura, Relic, Pledge): Relic

Homeroom (1A Birch,1B Oak,1C Sycamore ,1D Juniper): Birch

Elective 1:Dark

Elective 2:Fire

Club: OPEN

Pokemon Starter: Poochyena

Eventual Team: Mightyena, Houndoom, Drapion, Skarory*, Umbreon, FLEX PICK

Personal song: The 16th Hour by Deadmau5

*This is part of Ryan's Backstory

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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 11:20 am 
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Template & Appearance: Kiri is rather tall, standing at 6'1 and a slender figure, by no means bony or skinny though. He has no favorite types of clothes to wear as of now, but he really likes the colors orange, red, black, blue, yellow, white. His trademark feature has to be his fluffy and carefree blonde hair. He doesn't really style his hair or wear hats to compress it, or cut it often. It isn't necessarily messy-looking, but it is definitely eye catching in it's own way. He has light-green eyes, with a pale skin. He can be often seen wearing gloves and headphones.
He does have a few different outfits, but he doesn't have that many clothes.

Name: Kiriha Wilson

Nickname: Kiri

Age: 16 (just turned)

Region of Birth: Kanto (later moved to Sinnoh)


50/50 Introvert and Extrovert. Can be very outgoing but also well reserved. In general, he is kind and passionate. He highly values friends, prefers to be honest but will not hesitate to drop a white lie in order to help himself or his friend(s) out. He prefers quality over quantity when it comes to friends and Pokemon. Usually rather calm, and doesn't yell all of his opinions out loud, he mostly keeps the his jokes and opinions to himself and the people he knows. He doesn't really want attention or admiration from anyone, but doesn't mind if he is receiving it. Kiri also doesn't really care what everyone thinks of him, he values opinions of people who he looks up to or likes more. He is a very chill and an easy-going guy, so he is pretty easy to be around. He doesn't like schedules and plans, and therefore he prefers to go on the fly and improvising when needed. He is sometimes late and forgets things due to this. Kiri is really passionate about the stuff that he likes, and rather negative about stuff he doesn't like. He also doesn't really like to do what he is told, unless it is absolutely necessary or important, since he prefers to go his own way. Kiri also tends to procrastinate about doing stuff, and gets things done at the very last moment. He is pretty sarcastic and humorous at times, but not always. He is pretty talkative when the subject of talking is something he is interested in, but he isn't always talkative nor is he the one to initiate conversations at first usually. He does not get angry very easily, but when he does, oh boy is he mad. He calms down quite fast though, and doesn't hold much grudges. He tries to get along with everyone, but prefers making friends with like-minded individuals.

History (Make it Brief, no novels here): Kiri was born in Kanto, Vermilion City in specific. Raised by his father and mother, while also having 2 siblings. His father was good man with good work ethic, who taught Kiri a lot. He was usually pretty busy, since he was a great pokemon trainer with multiple other jobs to take care of, but he always made time for his family. His mother was a kind and a very nice woman, who always took care of her family, and she was a coordinator previously. Most of Kiri's traits are inherited from his parents obviously. Kiri being the middle one of the siblings, he still got just as much attention from his parents as the other ones. He spent his early years in Vermilion, with occasional traveling to other cities and towns in Kanto. He grew to like Electric types due to Vermilion having an electric gym. Later in his years, his family moved to Jubilife City in Sinnoh, due to many reasons. One day his father told him that he would be away for a long time, due to something which he couldn't tell Kiri about. At this point, he gave an egg to Kiri that later hatched into a Growlithe. Kiri took raising Growlithe very seriously, and bonded with the Growlithe very quickly. It was his very own pokemon, he called the Growlithe by the name of Archie. He got very interested in pokemon, even if he always was into them. This lead to Kiri going to the Pokemon School in the city, but after getting a grasp of the basics taught there, he felt like he wanted more. He wanted to follow his father's footsteps, of becoming a great pokemon trainer. Her mother later told him about the Kobukan Academy, and that was what Kiri aimed for...

- Fire, Electric, Flying, Dragon, Water types are his favorite.
- Girls.
- Spending time with friends.
- Training with his Pokemon.
- Certain sports. Mostly working out.
- Sarcasm and humor.
- Sleeping and chilling overall.
- Wind.
- Rain. For some reasn, Kiri really likes rain.
- Pizza. Why? Because Pizza.
- Kiri has always been interested in pokemon battles, and video games. He has played some of
the older pokemon games like Colosseum.

- Ice, Ghost, Rock types. Not a big fan of Bug types, but doesn't dislike them.
- Fake/abusive people or overly dramatic ones.
- Too serious people, but he understands them somewhat.
- Cold weather.
- Very strict schedules and being ordered around.
- Boring things, like history in something that he isn't interested in.

Year: 1

Hall of Residence (Aura, Relic, Pledge): Relic

Homeroom (1A Birch,1B Oak,1C Sycamore ,1D Juniper*): Oak

Elective 1: Electric
Elective 2: Fire (probably)

Club**: Open as of now, but likely to join Battle Team.

Pokemon Starter**: Elekid

Eventual Team: Empoleon, Electivire, Arcanine, Roserade, Espeon, Garchomp.

Personal Song (what do you listen to when writing the character?): Not 100% sure, but I tend to listen to Wisp X - Somewhere I'd rather Be, as I am writing this character.

Moti is at an all time high. The RP is back bois!

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PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 7:29 am 
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Put A likes, dislikes, Club, and personal song (The song you listen two when writing that character)

Also set up the RP tab so we can get this STARTED!!!! :D

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:29 am 
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Alright let me try.


Name: Hyun

Nickname: Ehl

Age: 18

Region of Birth: Kalos

Personality: Loves to spend the time discovering new things. This passions led him to be really good at cooking, for Pokemons and humans alike. He hates doing the same thing again and again, so you are guaranteed to never taste the same dish. He loves to hear classic music, but doesn't know how to play any instrument and is too clumsy to ever play any. Doesn't know how to swim.

Battle style: Always planning new strategies, he tends to be excited when he fight someone for the first time. However, he is really calm and learns really fast the opponents strategy. If the opponent wont vary his attacks, he will never stand a chance. "If you think you are one step closer, then you are two steps behind."

History : Grew up in the forest near the Pokemon Village. Was sent to the university thanks to Sycamore and Urup.

-Bad jokes
-Studying (mostly new things.)
-Ghosts stories.
-Romance stories.
-All pokemon types.
-Singing. Alone. Or else he is embarassed by his voice. Learned it by Meloetta when she was near the Pokemon Village.

-Doing the same thing again and again.
-The Beach.
-Action stories. Too flashy.

Year: Second year

Hall of Residence : Aura

Homeroom: Sycamore

Elective 1: Ghost
Elective 2: Ice

Club: Gardening Club

Pokemon Starter: Snorunt, Evolved into a Froslass last year.

Eventual Team: Froslass, Glaceon, Cloyster, Weavile, Mismagius, Aegislash.

Personal Song : Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

"Life is but a setting in the great game of Choices."
[VTJV] Hyun on Steam.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:41 am 
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Name: Exodus Fray

Nicknames: Exodus, Exo

Age: 18

Region of Birth: Hoenn

Physical Appearance:

Personality: Very passionate young adult. Exo loves and wants to learn all about Pokemon which works out in his favor, being at the academy. He always is looking to interact with strangers and make new friends. A huge fan of humor and sarcasm but also has a serious side to him when it comes to studying and Pokemon battles.

History: Exo grew up in Mauville City. He was raised by his mother and father for most of his life before being sent to the Academy. His father was a Pokemon trainer and his mother was a Coordinator. They both retired early into their 40's and decided to take up an interest together which was Pokemon breeding. Exodus has one sibling which is four years younger and also helps parents with breeding. Exo has never been a stranger to Pokemon which makes him have an edge coming into the Academy.

- Fire, Dragon, Fighting, Flying, and Dark type Pokemon.
- Girls
- Hanging out with his friends
- Humor and sarcasm
- Working out
- Competition
- Leadership

- Whining
- Water
- Abusive Trainers
- Pokemon Contests
- Surprises

Year: Second year

Hall of Residence: Relic

Homeroom: 1A Birch

Elective 1: Fire

Elective 2: Dragon

Club: OPEN

Pokemon Starter: Growlithe but evolved into Arcanine.

Eventual Team: Arcanine, Blaziken, Hydreigon, Salamence, Typhlosion

Personal Song: The Great Divide by Velventine (Seven Lions Remix)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:00 am 
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Yeah ok.

Name: Farko
Nickname: Him

Age: 17 (not my real age but whatever)

RoB: Sinnoh

Appearance: A bit overweight, with glasses and a cold stare. A bit of facial hair on the chin, but that's about it.

Personality: While seeming unwelcoming on the outside, I can actually be a really nice guy. Blunt and straight to the point, I have no concern for other peoples feelings whatsoever. Very indifferent toward almost anyone and can be too sarcastic at times. Forgives almost every mistake and takes a while to get me angry. Unable to cringe at anything. Has very little common sense and makes a fool out of himself. Pessimistic and a bit of a narcissist.

History: I was born, I was raised, and now I'm here.

-The Internet
-Video Games
-Air Conditioning


Year: 2

HoR: Aura

Homeroom: Birch

Elective 1: Dark
Elective 2: Ice

Club: Most likely Battle Team

Starter: Houndour

Team: No idea

Personal Song: Also no idea.

Roughly based off me because narcissism.

“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.”

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:45 am 
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Name: Siel

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17

Region of Birth: Johto

Appearance: Siel is 5'8 with medium length dark brown hair, parted and styled to cover a single eye (think Nine from Final Fantasy Type-0). Dark green eyes, fair complexion, pierced ears, and lightly tanned skin. He has a thin, yet slightly athletic build (like would be expected of a swimmer), and can regularly be seen wearing his favorite military green jacket or his black denim vest, both of which have patches from his favorite bands sewn onto them. Will provide a picture when not feeling lazy.

Personality: While not exactly the type to strike up a conversation with a stranger, Siel is more than willing to talk to anyone. He's incredibly loyal and always has a friend's back, no matter the consequences. He tends to let his emotions sway his decisions in life over logic, and because of that he tends to act quickly. This mixed with his short temper has gotten him into trouble in the past.

History: Siel grew up in Goldenrod city for most of his life. He spent a lot of time playing in the undergrounds with his friends, as well as going to the national park. Anytime he had to stay home (sick, in trouble, etc.) he usually spent the time in his room strumming away at his bass. As he got older he started helping his dad at the bike shop, where he would repairs bikes that came in for maintenance.

Likes: music, spicy food, comics(manga and western style), high energy situations, making up plans on the fly, swimming, playing his bass

Dislikes: sweet food, slow moving people, mornings, listening to authority for no other reason than the fact they are authority.

Year: Second

Hall of Residence: Relic

Homeroom: Oak (would it still be 1B as a second year student or 2B?)

Elective 1: Electric
Elective 2: Dark

Club: Swimming (I believe the REC center event stated something about a swim club)

Pokemon Starter: Sneasel

Pokemon currently in possession: Sneasel, Growlithe, Murkrow, and Buizel.

Eventual Team: Sneasel, Arcanine, Jolteon, and 3 slots that will be swapped out regularly. Siel doesn't like to stick with just 6 pokemon.

Personal Song: "Moment of Silence" and "Moment of Violence" by Streetlight Manifesto

Edit: changed starter Pokemon, added to history, and changed eventual team up. Added Pokemon on person as figured that would be important.

This RP has so much filler you'd swear it was produced by Toei Animations.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:05 am 
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Location: Mistralton City, Unova
Name: Fletcher Marks

Nickname: Fletch

Age: 16

Region of Birth: Unova

Personality: Lax

History: Born in Nacrene City and raised in Mistralton! Always loved Normal and Water type Pokemon. Has a one sibling which is 9 yrs younger than him (7) and is still in trainer school.

Appearance:Dark Brown Hair, Brown eyes, Skinny Jeans, Graphic tee, and a Red or Gray Hoodie. Black Vans, Black Glasses, Probably have earbuds in and listening to music.

-Independent Media (music, games, wrestling, etc.),
-Comic Books
-Having Fun!

-Spinaraks and Galvantulas,
-being pressured into stuff,
-Bitter/Bland Food
-Incorrect info
-Shit-ton of homework and chores.

Year: Freshmen

Hall of Residence (Aura, Relic, Pledge): Relic

Homeroom (1A Birch,1B Oak,1C Sycamore ,1D Juniper*): 1A Birch

Elective 1: Normal

Elective 2: Water

Club: Battle Team

Pokemon Starter: Aipom

Eventual Team: Aipom, Porygon Z, Bouffalant, Carracosta, Kingdra, Poliwrath

Personal Song (what do you listen to when writing the character?): Barber of Seville


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:17 am 
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Name:Alex Slade
Nickname: none
Region of Birth: Orre
Personality: Acts very arrogant and has a mouth that would make the sailors at Gateon port(or anywhere else, for that matter) cringe. However, as he warms up to a person, his arrogant exterior melts to show a kind person, though still a sarcastic one.
History (Make it Brief, no novels here): Growing up in Pyrite town in the Orre region, Alex's first interactions with pokemon were almost solely with pokemon of the Johto and Hoenn regions, with the only exceptions being the eevee he was given for his tenth birthday and the scyther his mother carried with her. pokemon. In particular, Alex gained a liking for pokemon that used shady methods to take down foes, prevalent on the teams of battle square trainers, as well as the defensive walls that were often seen on top trainers within the pyrite and under colosseums. The battle square, simulations, and Colosseums of Orre have given Alex a great deal of combat experience, but his experience with capturing pokemon is very small due to the scarcity of wild pokemon.
Pokemon battles
Bulky pokemon
Status-based moves
Aggressive blade and fang moves
News channels
Dark locations like caves
Rogueish people
Chains of command
Fighting and Ground pokemon
Hall of Residence (Aura, Relic, Pledge):Pledge
Homeroom (1A Birch,1B Oak,1C Sycamore ,1D Juniper*): 1D Juniper
Elective 1: Dark
Elective 2: Steel
Club**: Open(leaning towards Council, Battle team, or Coordinator club)
Pokemon Starter***: Pawniard
Eventual Team: Aggron, Scizor, Bisharp, Umbreon, Tyranitar, Sableye
Personal Song (what do you listen to when writing the character?): Kyouran Hey Kids by the Oral Cigarettes (Dj-jo remix)

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