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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 5:30 am 
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Joined: April 18, 2016
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such WIP much WIP

* Template/Picture: - link up later but can be seen on the discord
Appearance: 5'11, tends to dress very nicely, knows how to express himself with colors. Long legs and broad shoulders, but not muscular. Just average, maybe slightly on the fitter side if even that. Mostly wears the colors yellow, black, white, orange with occasional other colors. He likes looking good, so he is well groomed typically. Keeps his hair rather long. Tends to smile a fair bit, but not all the time.

Name: - William
*Nickname: - Will
Age: 16
Region of Birth: -
*Current Region and Town/Place: -
History: -

Personality: Quite outgoing, charming and rather compelling and well spoken. He is a little rebellious, and won't fear to say what is on his mind. He can be pretty playful,
likes humor. He is pretty friendly to all, but not overly friendly. Will doesn't automatically try to be everyone's friend, but he does try to be friendly. He is naturally more of the leader type, but won't mind being a follower. He has an inner romantic in him. Is pretty smart socially, and is more practical than logical. Doesn't like being by himself, unless he is very focused on something.
Is quite easy to be around, other than the fact that he sometimes makes people uncomfortable with how straight forwarded he can be. Will enjoys conversations in general, and is pretty talkative. Won't bother him to shut up once in awhile, but he does prefer to express himself on most matters.

Likes: Attention to some degree, nature and music, honest people that aren't hiding much, likes chatting with girls especially, running and sprints, being on the action for the most part, but doesn't mind chilling around for a bit. Likes bug, electric types and has a pretty neutral outlook on most other types. Big fan of music in general as a thing, but listens to only a few genres.

Dislikes: Peeps who are always looking for trouble, some who have no respect for the nature, aggressive or overly shy people, fighting, strict rules or being constricted, depressed looking like people, serious and arrogant people, bug and fairy types.

Year: 1
Hall of Residence: Relic (maybe some other, will see)
Homeroom: Drain
Elective 1: Bug
Elective 2: Electric
Clubs: Music Club, Outdoors Club, Track and Field
Team: None for now.

Starter: Larvesta
Pokemons received/owned before School: Joltik
*Eventual Team: Ampharos, Galvantula, Volcarona, Venusaur, Starmie, Heracross

*Personal Song/Theme: -
*Misc: Has a soothing voice, is a very gifted runner, is also a DJ previously.
*Quotes/Thoughts: -

Currently Owned Pokemon: Joltik, Larvesta

Information about your Pokemon(s) (CURRENT, EDIT THIS ONCE IN A WHILE):

Species: Joltik
Nickname: Vik
Gender: M
Caught/Received: -
Personality: -
Battle Moves: Shock Wave, Electroweb, Signal Beam, Gastro Acid
Other Abilities: -
Ability: Compound Eyes
Experience Level: 2.4
Skill Level: 6

Species: Larvesta
Nickname: Ignius
Gender: M
Caught/Received: Starter
Personality: -
Battle Moves: Ember, Leech Life, Giga Drain, Bug Bite
Other Abilities: -
Ability: Flame Body
Experience Level: 1
Skill Level: 8

Moti is at an all time high. The RP is back bois!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:05 am 
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Joined: June 24, 2016
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Location: Kalos

Template/Picture: (166cm)
Name: Yuuna Clearwing
Nickname: Yuu
Age: 16
Region of Birth: Kobukan
Current Region and Town/Place : Kobukan, Inspira City
History: Born in Inspira city after her big sister, her parents were two comedians. However her mother died due to an accident and her father left the house a few years after that, to never been seen again. While her sister moved on, she had a hard time doing so. She would always cry at young age in her bed and try to smile everyday. After a while she was able to move on, but kept that habit to use her smile as a mask. Now living with her sister, she decided to aim for the Kobukan Academy. She wanted to be useful and not depend too much on her sister. Even if her goal is hazy and she doesn't really know what to do after the Academy, she hopes that she will find out there.
Filled with nothing but hope, she was accepted without any trouble.

Personality: Will always try to make friends and is often cheerful about most of the activities in group. While she is often seen smiling and laughing, she hides her sadness through hapinness. She will always blame herself without telling anyone, and will try to hide her troubles by smiling. The sadder she is, the bigger the smile.
She is also very clumsy and can be very jealous and find herself pathetic for that. Quite lazy, she can be often found sleeping in class or forgetting about homework. Because of that, her knowledge is quite limited.
Likes: Truth, Love stories, friendship, Cute and small Pokemons. Drawing (proud of her skills at it, she is used to draw a lot of people)
Dislikes: Cooking (she's horrible at it), Homework

Year: 1
Hall of Residence : Pledge
Homeroom : Lillith
Elective 1: Normal
Elective 2: Psychic
Clubs: Art Club
Starter: Eevee
Eventual Team:

Personal Song/Theme:
Misc: F bust size, Always wears her clothes with long sleeves that hides her hands. (She even asked that her uniform have that feature.)
Quotes/Thoughts: « It's okay »

Current Team :
Currently Owned Pokemons :

Battle Moves:
Other Abilities:
Experience Level:
Skill Level:

"Life is but a setting in the great game of Choices."
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:00 am 
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Joined: July 15, 2016
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Name: Hecate
Age: 16

History: Hecate wasn't your average joe, as she was a former test subject for Team Aeon, where her mother Thymine, resides in.
As a child, they were confined and restricted to the base, because Team Aeon didn't want anyone else to gather knowledge about Team Aeon and their goals.
During that time, she became engrossed with Greek Mythology and as a result, it became her pastime.
However, once Hecate was 11, she received a Fennekin and along with her sisters, were given a chance to train early, by Pokémon battling, despite not agreeing with Team Aeon's objectives.
Eventually, Hecate was looked upon as the one who had the most potential out of all of the 3 sisters, and various experiments were performed upon her as a result, becoming a test guinea pig and an experiment.
Thanks to the horrendous experiments, she received psychic powers, but unfortunately, she also developed heterochromia.
The sisters eventually decided to flee, only to wind up finding an orphanage.
However, once they turned 16, the sisters decided that they wanted to become stronger, and enrolled in Kobukan Academy.

Personality: Hecate is very cautious from other people, mainly because of what occurred when she was a child, making her traumatized.
She will do anything to protect her sisters, as they are the only family she's ever had, and came to Kobukan Academy for her sisters to finally have a better life and live in harmony with other people.
Hecate is inquisitive, analytical, and skeptical, but never shows this side, as she mostly tries sporting a motherly nature to Bellona and Nix, but thanks to the experiment taking up her time, she never fully interacted with anyone, except her sisters, thus making her a socially awkward child, and never being able to relate to anyone because she never got had time or resources to develop interests, aside from Mythology.

Likes: Books, Sisters, classical music (Thanks to Nix).
Dislikes: Team Aeon, People.

Year: 1st.
HR: -
Hall of Residence:
Elective #1: Psychic.
Elective #2: Fire.
Clubs: Art Club, Mythology/Archaeology Club.

Starter: Pumpkaboo.
Pokémon before School: Fennekin
Eventual Team: Nineties, Delphi, Gothitelle, Swanna, Panocha, Gourgeist.
Current Team: Pumpkaboo, Fennekin.
Personal Song: -
Details (Current Team):

Pokémon #1
Pokémon: Pumpkaboo.
Nickname: ?
Gender: Female.
Caught/Received: Received from Kobukan Academy.
Personality: Eccentric.
Battle Moves: Bullet Seed, Shadow Ball, Incinerate, Dark Pulse.
Ability: Frisk.
Other Abilities: -
Shiny: -
Experience Level: 2
Skill Level: 3
Size: Average.

Pokémon #2
Pokémon: Fennekin.
Nickname: ?
Gender: Female
Caught/Received: Received from Thymine.
Personality: Sassy.
Battle Moves: Ember, Howl, Psybeam, Protect.
Ability: Magician.
Other Abilities: -
Shiny: -
Experience Level: 1
Skill Level: 5.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:01 pm 
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Joined: July 25, 2016
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Name: Trajan
Nickname: None
Age: 16
Appearance: Trajan has light brown hair, usually pulled
into a long braid that reaches his back. He also has some piercings on
his ears. He doesn't put much thought in clothes, and usually wears casual stuff.

Region of Birth: Sinnoh, Canalave City.
Current Region: Sinnoh, Canalave City.
History: Trajan was born in Canalave City, son of a medium class family. When he started to go to school he made a friend, a girl called Aria, interested in everything water related. Trajan started to hang out with her more and more, until one day, she invited him to a trip to Mt.Coronet with her fathers, an archaeologist couple. The expedition was rough, but when they reached the top of Mt. Coronet, they found some mysterious ruins related to the legendary pokemon, Palkia. And there it was, the Lustrous Orb. Aria picked it up and kept it, not revealing it's existence to her parents. Once they came back to Canaleve, the parents rewarded their daughter and Trajan with two pokemon each. Trajan received a Druddigon and a Shieldon, while she got a Seadra and a Carvanha. Later Trajan and Aria started to get closer, still keeping the Lustrous Orb
a secret to everyone. Until one day they got away from the city for a stroll and Team Aeon attacked both of them, with an admin leading the operation. Seadra tried to protect her trainer but got killed by the enemy's pokemon. The same happened to Aria. Team Aeon left Trajan unconscious after he tried protecting her, but they weren't able to find the Lustrous Orb in her, since she gave it to Trajan. Trajan was in too much of a commotion at the time, not being able to know who the enemy were. When he woke up, he saw Aria, dead. He took her Carvanha and left running, came back to home, and was sent to a mental hospital for a year, until it was considered he was stable again. He trained as much as he could, be it battling with pokemon
or physical activity, and started to get protective with his friends so the incident wasn't repeated. Now he joins Kobukan to become an even stronger trainer and find out who was behind Aria's murder, but now he knows he's a target from a big organisation and has the Lustrous Orb
with him at all times.

Personality: Trajan is really protective with his friends, and won't let them get hurt for anything.
He's usually hyper and happy, eager to discover new things, which makes it hard for him to manage his time, so he's not very punctual.
Because of how close he was to Aria, he doesn't let girls get too
close to him so they don't run the same fate as her 2 years ago. Aria's parents were quite rich,
so Trajan learned good manners with the time he spent with them, even tho he only
uses them when speaking with high class people.
Likes: Learning, fossils, running, water, protecting, taking care of people.
Dislikes: Bullies, fights, trips, dragon types.

Hall of Residence: TBD
Homeroom: B(Lilly)
Elective 1: Dragon.
Elective 2: Steel.
Clubs: T&F Club, Swimming Team.
Team: (Eventually) Racing Team (Water)
Personal Song: TBD
Eventual Team: Druddigon, Bastiodon, Glalie, Sharpedo, Trevenant.
Current Team: Druddigon, Shieldon, Snorunt, Carvanha.
Team Details:

Species: Druddigon
Nickname: Ragna
Gender: Female
Caught/Received: Aria's parents gave it to him,
she was caught in an expedition.
Personality: Justice over all, will only ignore Trajan's orders
if she finds them to be unjust.
Battle Moves: Dragon Rage, Bite, Hone Claws, Scary Face.
Other Abilities: Her skin is really rough, and it will cut just
from touching it. She's also really strong, being able to crush metal plates
with her jaw.
Ability: Rough Skin.
Experience Level: 1.8
Skill Level: 5

Species: Shieldon
Nickname: Priwen
Gender: Male
Caught/Received: Received as a fossil, again, from Aria's parents.
Personality: He's protective with everyone he knows, and doesn't tolerate bullies.
Battle Moves: Take Down, Metal Sound, Protect, Tackle.
Other Abilities: -
Ability: Sturdy.
Experience Level: 1.5
Skill Level: 5

Species: Carvanha
Gender: Male
Caught/Received: Trajan took him from Aria when she died, and swore to protect him.
Personality: Used to be really hyper when Aria was still alive, when she died, he turned
extremely serious, and becomes reckless in battle. If he ever finds the ones that killed Aria,
he'll go directly for them and show no mercy.
Battle Moves: Assurance, Aqua Jet, Bite, Rage.
Other Abilities: -
Ability: Rough Skin.
Experience Level: 1.5
Skill Level: 5

Species: Snorunt
Nickname: Nevis
Gender: Male
Caught/Recieved: Received as a starter.
Personality: Gets scared really easily but wants to become stronger.
Battle Moves: Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Ice Shard.
Other Abilities: -
Ability: Inner Focus.
Experience Level: 1
Skill Level: 5

"I'm a biotic god! I think things, and they happen. Fear me!"
-Niftu Cal, biotic god.

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